How to Get Money for Taking Surveys?

online surveysCompanies around the world spend billions of dollars on market research and survey. They are constantly trying to learn more about their consumers in order to improve their products and services. Major brands in every industry are conscious of the fact that they have to innovate and deliver more than what the customers are looking for. However, innovation is partly influenced by need and it is imperative for the research and development professionals to know more about their target market. This is the foundation of surveys for money.

The Worldwide Approach to Market Research using Surveys

Companies around the world spend more than seventy billion dollars every year on market research. The industry that spends the most is consumer nondurables that accounts for nearly one fourth of all investments into market research. Media & entertainment account for around fifteen percent of the total expenditure. Pharmaceutical industry accounts for around thirteen percent. Governments and nonprofit organizations account for around eight percent, financial services constitute seven percent, automotive is around six percent, telecoms account for around five percents and consumer durables constitute four percent. Research institutes, advertising agencies and utilities account for three percent, two percent and one percent respectively.

There are conglomerates like Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola and PepsiCo that spend seven hundred million dollars each per year to study consumer behavior, to generate feedback and to ensure that their products remain relevant and in demand. Market research and survey are not just limited to product development or improvement of services. Sales are a top priority and surveys for money also try to identify the best mediums or channels to promote the products and services for the purpose of maximizing revenue.

Market research and surveys are expensive processes. They require a lot of effort and time. The cost and the resources required make such surveys unviable for small to medium enterprises. The research and development budget of small to medium businesses is a tiny fraction of that of major brands or corporations. Yet, surveys for money are a kind of level playing field. Paid surveys are used by global corporations, multinational companies and small to medium enterprises for various purposes. This empowers ordinary consumers like you to participate in surveys for money.

How to make Money with Surveys

You can participate in surveys for money wherein your opinion is important. Companies that want to know more about you, the consumer or customer, are spending a substantial part of their market research budget so they can learn whether you like their products and services or not, they can identify scope of improvement and consequently deliver better experiences. 

Consumers can take part in surveys for money while remaining anonymous. There are various types of surveys available, varying in length, context and payment. Taking such surveys for money can help you earn some cash and that too fast. You can take multiple surveys for money, earn rewards and accumulate enough in a short span of time to cash out with a sizeable sum.

Loose Lipped offers a simple signup process. You need to share your email address, date of birth, gender and postcode. You can choose a password and get started. All communications are via email. Your personal identity does not get shared with the companies paying for the surveys. You are not sharing your first name or last name, address or any other information that can be used to identify you.

The gender, date of birth and postcode are important to make the surveys relevant. There are products and services meant for men and women respectively. There are companies that want to target people in certain age groups. Postcode makes the location relevant. Not all companies have a statewide, nationwide or global presence. The opinions expressed by consumers have to be relevant to be valuable and hence of use to the companies.

Loose Lipped does not facilitate cold calling or telemarketing. There are no blast messages or relentless spam texts. The purpose of all the surveys for money is to help companies, researchers and foundations get your opinions while you can earn some money. You can choose to take as few or as many surveys for money as are available. All surveys are not available for everyone. You will only find surveys for money that are relevant for you and vice versa. You have absolute discretion to opt out of the surveys at any time you want.

Stepwise Guide to Surveys for Money

After you have signed up with Loose Lipped, you will get invitations to take part in surveys for money. You will receive emails inviting you to take different surveys. The emails will include relevant information such as how much time you may need to complete a specific survey and the reward you can earn in the end. The rewards vary and you can choose to take a survey or decline it on that basis or due to some other factor.

All surveys for money have some rewards. The more extensive ones have greater rewards. There is a payout threshold that you have to reach with sufficient reward points and then you can cash out. Payments are processed by Loose Lipped on a weekly basis. You can take out as many or as few payouts you want.

It should be noted that all surveys are available for free. The customer, as in you, does not pay for any surveys at any point in time. Also, surveys for money always have some rewards. You will not be asked to participate in any survey that has no reward at all. You can choose to participate in some surveys and you may skip some if you want. You can select a preferred method of payment using which you can cash out when you have the minimum rewards. You can find such details on the account page of your profile. You can opt out of the surveys for money by unsubscribing. You will find the link to unsubscribe on the account page of your profile.

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